Takeda Lab.
Deparment of Applied Physics.
School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo



2024/4/25 Group photo in 2024 (From left to right: Li, Ooka, Miyazaki, Anai, Okuno, Takeda, Tomoda, Machinaga, Ikehara, Nishizawa)

2024/3/29 Mr. Takato Yoshida was awarded Shoji Tanaka prize (Excellent master’s thesis award). Congratulations!


2023/5/16 Mr. Takato Yoshida was awarded Student Presentation Award of the Physical Society of Japan. Congratulations!

2023/4/27 Group photo in 2023 (From left to right: Arita, Yano, Yoshida, Okuno, Takeda, Tomoda, Anai, Machinaga, Ikehara)


2022/12/28 Farewell party for Dr. Enomoto. Thank you very much! We wish you all the best for the future!

2022/5/11 Group photo in 2022 (From left to right: Harada, Anai, Yonezu, Enomoto, Takeda, Tomoda, Yoshida, Omura)

2022/3/25 Undergraduate graduation ceremony. Mr. Anai holds the certificate and medal for the excellent bachelor’s thesis award (left). Mr. Yoshida looks stylish in his gown (right). Congratulations to both of them!


2021/4/28 Group photo in 2021


2020/9/7 Group photo in 2020


2019/11/7 Optical tables were introduced into our lab.

2019/10/1 We start our lab from this empty room.